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One hundred years ago the world was rocked by the arrival of the Spanish flu. During this chaotic time Coleman , a now lonely old man, struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife. 

Coleman starts a relationship with  Silk, a young woman, forced by the circumstances of her life to became a prostitute in a cabaret. 

Attracted by her youth, Coleman begins to attend the cabaret, a place full of life, colors and eccentric characters, the opposite of the gloomy and lonely life that Coleman now leads. 

In wanting to take advantage of Silk's youth and vitality, Coleman finds himself to psychologically face his deepest fears and becoming mentally and emotionally unstable.

Coleman insanity reaches its climax when he hallucinates his deceased wife.

Coleman forces his wife into a deadly yet fascinating dance. 

Coleman hallucination changes its shape and he finds himself no longer dancing with his wife lifeless body, but with the body belonging to the young cabaret prostitute, whom is full of life and energy. 

His madness has turn against him and the dance becomes a game between life and death.


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