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Edoardo Forato

Writer & Director

Edoardo is an Italian writer and director based in London.

His passion for filmmaking came from storytelling, since when he was a young kid and he was imagining how stories would look like through visuals.


After he graduating in Visual Arts at the IUAV university in Venice, he moved to London where he attended the Master in Filmmaking at The London Film School.

Here he has the chance to confront himself with different roles such us Production Designer, Director of Photography and he graduated as Writer & Director. 

Edo picture_edited.jpg

Cast & Crew


Lara McGrath

Alex Bruni 

Victor J Griffiths

as Silk

as Lucy

as Coleman 


Joseph Archer 

Edoardo Forato 



Abigail Kessel

Intimacy coordinator & choreographer

Fyras Slaiman 

Director of Photography

Martina Dolcimascolo 

Costume Designer

Sarah Hunt

Production Designer

Jonny Powell 


Paris Raine 


Noga Leibovitch

Cabaret Music

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